Syntorial is crashing on Windows

Written By Joe Hanley (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 23rd, 2024

First, make sure you have the latest version of Syntorial installed.

  1. In File Explorer, go to "C:\\Program Files (x86)\Syntorial". In there you'll see a "Syntorial.exe" file. Right-click it and select "Properties", which will show a popup with its version number.
  2. Log in at and go to Downloads to see what the latest version is. If you don't have the latest version, download and run the installer.

If after updating Syntorial, you're still experiencing the crash, try the following solutions:


Crash #1: If Syntorial is crashing while attempting to download a lesson pack:

  1. Close Syntorial
  2. Go to "C:\\Program Files (x86)\Syntorial\Resources"
  3. In there you should see a file called "localDownloadRecord.xml". Delete it.
  4. Open Syntorial and try opening the Download Lesson Packs window again.


Crash #2: Syntorial is crashing on startup


Crash #3: Syntorial crashes when the synth or challenge is loaded, and I play a note or press Play.

  1. Re-install Syntorial: Log in at and go to Downloads. Download the latest version of Syntorial, and run the installer.
  2. If you already have the latest version installed, the installer won't let you install it again. Instead it will ask if you want to remove it. Choose the "remove" option. When it's done, run the installer again and install it.


Crash #4: If using V1, and at the end of a lesson, when you attempt to go to the next lesson, Syntorial sometimes crashes, please try the following:

  1. Close Syntorial if it's currently open.
  2. Download and unzip Syntorial - 16600
  3. Go to C:\\Program Files (x86)\Syntorial
  4. Delete the "Syntorial" application file there, and replace it with the newly unzipped version.


If none of these solutions fix your problem, reach out to us via the Contact us button at the top of this page.